No Youtube anymore

My goal is to become more independant of companies like Twitter, Google, Facebook and some other big players.

I always thought the hardest cut would be separating with google, but it was not as hard as amazon will be one day. For now i closed my Google account, and it has some influence on my daily life.

  • The Google Assistant needs a google account, so no more "OK, Google..." voice queries on my phone.
  • For better navigation maps held a collection of about 100 points of interest from me. I downloaded and added the coordinates to my addresss book
  • I had a handfull of videos hosted at Youtube. I downloaded them again and now host them on my own server, as seen below. I embed them with the following simple html segment in emacs:
<video width="100%" controls>
<source src="/assets/blog/2017/NoYoutube/KlampfinatorTecOverview.mp4" type="video/mp4">
Your browser does not support the video tag.