Welcome to my virtual base

This page is the center of my internet presence. Here I link to all my activities i want you to find. Most of them are hosted on this server

My Blog

The most prominent entry-point into my thoughts will be my Blog, where you may find a bunch of articles from the last years. I write about 2 - 10 posts per year, whenever something comes to my mind, that I want to elaborate a bit. The last three were:



Es hat sich so ergeben, dass ich bis auf weiteres alleine für den Haushalt und vor allem auch für die Ernährung in unserem Haushalt zuständig bin. Und da jeden Tag Pizza auch keine Lösung ist, will ich kochen lernen.

The EK-128 Keyboard


Maybe I should have taken it as an omen. The first order of the keyboard was cancelled by amazon ("out of stock"), the second order arrived with a defect keyrow, but the third order was in perfect condition.

The perfect keyboard


For many things i have been on a constant search for perfection. So far i have found my perfect shoulder bag, my perfect calendaring system, my perfect search engine and my perfect blog engine. But one thing i missed so far, up to the point where i nearly built it myself. A perfect keyboard.