Qutebrowser and URLs as QR-codes

Implementing a qr-code for a visited URL in Qutebrowser

When I have been to the 35c3 in Leipzig I saw a pretty firefox addon that became very handy when we wanted to share the URL to a freshly created pad. It was FxQRL a Firefox add-on that turns your URLs into QR code images without the need of a network connection. Everyone of us could then scan this code with our mobile phones, and we were done.


My perfect typing environment. Finally.

I built me a mechanical keyboard specialised for Emacs and coding

If you have read my earlier articles about my search for the perfect keyboard, you may have got an idea of what I was looking for. Namely a mechanical keyboard with a decent keyboard layout, optimized for my use case. I mostly do my writing with Emacs, and a lot of it is german text and programm code. In the meantime I found my perfect solution, and realized I had no article of it in my blog. So this is it, maybe it is of use for some of you.


Neu bei Mastodon?

Tipps für Anfänger in Mastodon

Neu bei Mastodon? Dann sei willkommen!

Du hast dich von irgendwem überreden lassen, doch mal Mastodon auszuprobieren? Womöglich warst die vorher bei Twitter, und nun ist irgendwie alles ganz anders? Dann ist dieser Blogeintrag für dich, denn er soll dich über die ersten Einstiegsschwierigkeiten bringen, und dir helfen dich schneller wohl zu fühlen.


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The author of this blog sitting outside, holding the Klampfinator, and pretending to play it

Andy Drop

I like it, when I see the intentions of a code author, and i like to see it written down in remark lines. Why didn't someone do that with the world. It would be far easier to understand. So I started to document my world wherever I see the need to do so. In text. With Emacs Org mode. I want to share this world with you.